Data organization doubts


I was trying to achieve a diagonal pattern through organizing the data output of points on a divided curved surface.
I added item ‘10’ in the initial list to make columns with equal number of items, but I’m not sure if is a good idea and also i don’t understand why half list gives good result and half list is messy…


data organization 1.3dm (272.1 KB)
data organization (14.9 KB)

Why didn’t you just use another paneling component, and choose such a complicated way?

Hi Kim,
thnk for response. I am awere there are simpler ways to achive a diagonal pattern but I try something different to understand the logic of data trees and how they work. moreover if you change the number of items contained in each group the patten can be quite different from lunch box, so i thought is good to explore it more. anyway thanks for th usual quick and effective answer.