Create closed breps from non planar curves

Hello everyone,

I have a set of non planar curves and one of planar curves. (bottom and top curve of Buildings)
Now I want to create closed breps for futher work.

I lofted the two curves and created a patch Surface for the caps. But many times the join brep component can’t join them.
I tried to extrude the planar curve and than split with the top non planar curve, but that’s also not working everytime.

Somebody has an idea to solve that? Need closed volume for LB+HB, but I think I also could go on with meshes.

Thanks for your help!

Best regards,
Tim (123.3 KB)

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Tolerance plays a big role on these matters.

If the projection of the non planar differs VS the “footprint” (the planar) you’ll encounter issues as well.

In an ideal world and not having to worry on “match” issues the best approach is to trim the extrusion VS the underlying surface due to the patch on the non planar curve. Have in mind that patch (a highly temperamental Method anyway) yields a brep thus you may encounter tolerance issues if you don’t use the underlying surface. But that approach although safe is rather slow.

Thanks for your reply.
The planar curve is a projection of the non planar.
I have no Problem if the result matches not 100%.
I Need the result for LB+HB analyse and optimization and I will edit it after. So for the project, it‘s enough when it‘s as close as possible.

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The solution would be so much easier if you have the upper surface that you projected your bottom curves on.
Check out attached workaround demo. (243.6 KB)

Well Tim… get this as well that does (a) random deviations (per curve) and (b) random extrusion heights resulting random “buildings” with curvy roofs.

The more the deviation (a) … the less patch succeeds (life sucks).

It’s incredibly slow since Rhino is a surface modeller. Thus enable the last thing for your results (is disabled).

For big N of curves estimate about a day to finish (or a week/month/year). (134.8 KB)

Thank you very much for your help guys.

The shapes of the curves result from edge bundling of a street network and the height from multiple attractors and context buildings. So I don’t have an overall surface, where I protected the curves on. But maybe I should do it to get an easier result.

These “random buildings with curfy roofs” are wanted. Ofc I can do it with rectangular buildings, but thats not the “design Intention”