Create block using GH Player

Is it possible to create block using using Grasshopper Player? When I run my custom designed command in Rhino using GH Player, it creates loose geometries, but I want to create a block with a custom name as per the attributes I assign during to create that object. As an example, if I create a box using GH player with size 10,10,10 , at the end of the command, I want that to be a block with the block name “10x10x10”. As an addition, I want to to be in a specific layer with a name let’s say “new box”, all using just GH player. I tried “Define Block” component from elefront to create block, but the I guess “Context Bake” componet for GH player doesn’t recognize that block as a geometry to bake.

Rhino 8 grasshopper has new block
Creation tools.

Yes there are block better block defining capabilities in Rhino 8.

But I guess it’s not possible with Rhino 7 using Grasshopper Player!?

I have a script laid out in Grasshopper with GH Player components to bake a geometry directly in Rhino using that script. And it bakes geometries as polysurfaces. But can’t bake them as a block I guess.

In rhino 7 you would need to use elefront or human to do it.

@Shasan_Chokshi here are block features in eleFront for R7.

Thanks Scott, Evan. Yes I am aware about Elefront and Human Blocks.

But I think I should redefine the question.

When I run the example 1 (as follows) in Rhino using Grasshopper Player command, it works as expected and creates a baked pipe for me in Rhino.

But when I run example 2 (as follows) in Rhino using Grasshopper Player command, it doesn’t create a block for me in Rhino. Probably because the last Geometry (Context Bake) component, doesn’t recognize that output define block as geometry.

Examples are attached for you to try.

So my question is, is there any way to make this example work and create a block called pipe in Rhino using Grasshopper Player? Or I will need to create a custom rhino plugin for that?

example (6.1 KB)
example (10.6 KB)

@Shasan_Chokshi – While I haven’t engaged much with GH player, I am fairly certain that the eleFront bake components work with GH player. I have seen definitions and workflows with GH player and eleFront referencing and baking. Perhaps you can give that a try as this would allow block creation.

My apology. Yes Elefront blocks does work. I mixed up Elefront and Human components. Thanks