Create BCF

Are there any Examples for ggBCF?

Especially on how to get a viewport into the BCF, currently i am using the “Viewport Properties” Component of Human to get a name and give it to the ggBCFDefineSnapshot component.

Hi Lukas,

Thanks for posting. Unfortunately there is a lack of documentation of the BCF components, primarily in a lack of demand. But great if you want to use them and test. I haven’t worked on the newer version of BCF yet.

Here’s a sample script. If you have a viewport with desired camera set, you can acquire a perspective camera using the adopt parameter as shown in the image below. Right click the parameter for context menu, and then click in target viewport.

200508 bcf (26.9 KB)

If you’re after something different, please let me know.



Hi Jon,

This was excactly what I was looking for!