Create a set of parametric shading devices and simulate their form using ladybug and galapagos

I’m trying to analyse the best angle of dynamic diamond solar panels on the facade to get enough shading and radiation in order to have enough daylight for the interior part during a year. the area is a school. I scripted a few things but because I’m not professional I don’t know if I did it right or wrong. I appreciate if anyone can check and guide me. solar panels will rotate according to the sun so they won’t be rotated just in the x-axis. also maybe the size and number of solar panels on the facade will change everything.thank you in advance

unnamed222.3dm (26.0 KB) (409.2 KB)

Duplicate thread alert (six hours ago):

The first one i posted but i uploaded the files seprately so i tried to repost .would you know anyone can guide me?thank you.

Hi - from your description it’s not clear exactly which problem you are trying to solve. Your file includes a few separate “functions” and those are not connected in any way.

To get answers here, you need to clearly describe a specific problem and don’t include multiple problems in the same thread.

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Hi dear Wim,
thank you for your response.
first, I want to create diamond solar panels( to integrate to the school facade) which orient to the sun during the year. my reference is the picture that I have attached.