Create a list of points with same z coordinates

hey there
i created braced grid 2d Structure and i want to interpolate the points with the same z-value but i failed listing this.

best greets

hello emre!
I’m also one of the new guys in this forum and I’m not quite sure I can help you, other than giving you this link so as to know how to ask questions with better chances of getting help:

however, if I understood correctly and you want to group points with the same height use “sort list” with their z value as input

The solution will be very similar to this one here. Except instead of converting tangents to points, you just want to zero out all x and y components. This will require first a deconstruct point component and then a construct point where you only carry over the z values.

If however you have very specific z-ranges within which you want to group all points, then another approach might make more sense. I.e. make sure all points with z values in between 0.0 and 2.5 end up in group 1, z values between 2.5 and 5.0 end up in group 2 etc.