Crash while viewing the options->Plugin panel


I am testing my plugin using the latest WIP. Compiled the plugin using VC 2017 and RhinoCommon 6.
The plugin loads by dragging and dropping into Rhino 6 and works as expected.
By invoking Options->Plugins, Rhino Crashes.
Initially I thought that it might be some specific code in my plugin which causes the crash.

I created an empty plugin (Import Plugin type) using the Visual Studio wizard, with all default values. Rhino behaves the same way as described above.

(Dale Fugier) #3

Hi @rajeev,

I can repeat. I’m looking at the crash dump file…

– Dale

(Travis Serio) #4

@rajeev thanks. I think we’ve found the culprit and are patching it up.


Thank you. Also, the developer documentation pages ( e.g. ) is not updated to reflect the latest changes.

What is the preferred .Net Framework version for the RhinoCommon plugins. By default the plugin wizard creates .NET 4.5 framework.

(Dale Fugier) #6

For Rhino 5, use .NET 4.0.

For Rhino 6 (WIP), use .NET 4.5.

– Dale


Thank you Dale.
There is one more doubt… Is there any method in RhinoCommon to achieve the help overrides in the C++ SDK AddToPlugInHelpMenu() and OnDisplayPlugInHelp()

Incidentally, I notice that by manually changing the value of the plugin registry AddToHelpMenu to 1, I can enable an entry to Help->Plugin->MyPluginName

(Dale Fugier) #8

Hi @rajeev,

If you need to add items to Rhino’s menu, the do so using a .rui file.

– Dale