Crash while viewing the options->Plugin panel

I am testing my plugin using the latest WIP. Compiled the plugin using VC 2017 and RhinoCommon 6.
The plugin loads by dragging and dropping into Rhino 6 and works as expected.
By invoking Options->Plugins, Rhino Crashes.
Initially I thought that it might be some specific code in my plugin which causes the crash.

I created an empty plugin (Import Plugin type) using the Visual Studio wizard, with all default values. Rhino behaves the same way as described above.

Hi @rajeev,

I can repeat. I’m looking at the crash dump file…

– Dale

@rajeev thanks. I think we’ve found the culprit and are patching it up.

Thank you. Also, the developer documentation pages ( e.g. ) is not updated to reflect the latest changes.

What is the preferred .Net Framework version for the RhinoCommon plugins. By default the plugin wizard creates .NET 4.5 framework.

For Rhino 5, use .NET 4.0.

For Rhino 6 (WIP), use .NET 4.5.

– Dale

Thank you Dale.
There is one more doubt… Is there any method in RhinoCommon to achieve the help overrides in the C++ SDK AddToPlugInHelpMenu() and OnDisplayPlugInHelp()

Incidentally, I notice that by manually changing the value of the plugin registry AddToHelpMenu to 1, I can enable an entry to Help->Plugin->MyPluginName

Hi @rajeev,

If you need to add items to Rhino’s menu, the do so using a .rui file.

– Dale