Counting and length analysis

Can Rhino count number of lines/polylines and display their lenght.
Egsample…say that in the drawing you have 16 lines that are 2,00m long, 11 lines that are 1,50m long, 43 lines that are 2,30m long…you get the idea.
Can Rhino create table that can count number of lines/polylines and display thier lengts?

It’s simple with Grasshopper.

If you need help to set up a GH definition, please provide a Rhino file with some lines / polylines.

curve count and lenght.3dm (143.8 KB)

Heres an model with few curves.
How to get an table measuring curve lenghts and their count ? (10.5 KB)

Martin can I use this GH file and test it?
How do I import this file into RHino?

Yes you can use it. Drag and drop the file onto your Rhino viewport or type Grasshopper and open the file or drag it onto the GH canvas.