Could windows 11 prevent some stuff?

Hi there,

I’ve been trying to run this tool (github link) on my new computer, but without any success.
The only thing that differs from my former computer is windows 11 (instead of 10, and AMD over Intel).
Could windows be the problem and if so, would there be any workaround?

To be clear, this tool should make a plot pop up (in a standalone window) at the push of a Grasshopper button, with data and settings from grasshopper.

When running the local server from VS, I cannot even load the grasshopper file
When running the local sever from VSC, I can open the file, but when I’m plotting, rhino and grasshopper freeze without any “not responding” or anything.
rhino.compute and rhino.geometry are running, but nothing happens.

Any help or suggestions are welcome !
Thanks in advance, cheers