Could use the Python object data methods

Hi @Alain,

Any possibility of getting the following methods implemented in Python?


Or is there another way to do this for us non-professional programmers? In other words, not too complex! :smile:



@Alain and @DanBayn,

i would like to have them in Python too. Meanwhile i´ve been replacing the UserData stuff in older ported rhinoscripts with UserText methods and found that i often can go without strSection, as long as the key / value pair is still working.


I believe even in RhinoScript the usertext technique in general is a better solution. The concept is essentially the same, but the usertext is available anywhere you want (in RhinoScript, python, C#, command line).

Is there any feature in the GetObjectData function in RhinoScript that is missing from the usertext functions? I’m just curious.

Hi @stevebaer

I will look into this. I use the DocumentData methods a lot, but I didn’t notice the UserText methods. Reading the help file, I believe this will work for me. When I get a chance I will see.

Thanks for pointing this out,


Hi @stevebaer

I finally got a chance to get back into this. You were correct, the UserText technique worked out just fine.

Thanks for the suggestion,