GetAttributeData with Python


I am having some troubles to get attributedata from objects with python that have been writen to theses objects with rhinoscript. I have a mixed (rs/python) toolkit for many tasks.
So i stored the infos with:
rhino.setAttributeData(object,“section”, “entry”, “value”) --> in rhinoscript.
But the only way i can find to read userdata from an object in python is:
rs.getusertext --> and this don’t works.
Is there a way to get these infos in python?

Thanks in advance!

Data written by RhinoScript’s SetObjectData, SetAttributeData and SetDocumentData can only be read by RhinoScript’s GetObjectData, GetAttributeData, and GetDocumentData, respectively.

If you want to be able to write user data in RhinoScript and read it in Python, C#, and C++, then use SetUserText and SetDocumentUserText.

More information:

Thank you for your answer Dale. I was afraid to hear this. The problem I have is that I created lots of geometry with attribute data in rhinoscript. Now i switched to python and need to have access to this information. But i can copy all this infos to usertext with rhinoscript and then read them.
Have a nice day!