Corona Virus

Grasshopper , Blender , Maxwell Render


Is important to put in the image some indication info.
For example:

  • Why you don’t use render etiquette?
  • Representation accuracy: is an artisitc rapresentation?

This is clear ,it is a render in the gallery section and i mentioned the softwares used

If you mean text in the image, i don’t do that for all my renders

Just for this occasion. There is a lot of teams searching for a cure while in Italy 700 people die per day. So in the rush, each render image info can confuse researchers. Advise them and put some text in this picture, let them know so that they do not lose to much time analyzing the image. Just for this occasion because of the complexity, spam of the subject, and fake situation.

Ps: I was trying to help you with your corona virus render.


This is not a problem at all , your imagination went away.
If you search by yourself with Google you will find thousands images about Corona , all of them are not real and without texts or indications.
Even if researchers find my render, they must read the thread and mention that it is not real and the render will not kill people. Try to be smart as possible.

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The problem is finding good renders that can save lives.

Coronavirus COVID-19

Check this

Try by your renders

This is a render thread , if you have a professipnal opinion about rendering or modeling you are welcome.
If you don’t have stop posting, you have many websites, forums and social network where you can speak freely.

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In general virus are very small. At atomic level like hundreds of nanometers. Like few atoms together making a big molecula. So the structure is less random and very difficult to use light get in picture of it. the molecule has geometric representation and less bio shape. For example Protein at equal distance and length variation.

With this post you reply to yourself in the first post


To be clear I agree with you in general but not in this particular thread.
The render by itself is good.

Yes, you can sign it and a disclosure
for example as an example:

Seghier Mohamed Abdelaziz, mar 2020, Algeria
Render Artistic representation of a generic coronavirus
Not for medical scientific purpose

That helps people looking the render


This is your own opinion and you already said it.

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First render test with Bella render

What was Grasshopper used for?

most likely to populate the surface with the protrusions.

@seghierkhaled by the way, did you use some kind of metaball? or how did you get that clotting effect on some of the tentacles?

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For noise effect and population


I export the result to Blender and create Voxel remesh + subdivision


vector displacement would be a good alternative either, blender can do it from what i read, unfortunately rhino/grasshopper not from what i know. @nathanletwory do you maybe know anything new?

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