Covid 19 vaccine

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I suggest you change the title. Don’t mislead the stupid googlers to push your post at the top of the results :rofl:

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No i don’t think like this
I posted it everywhere :wink:

You don’t.
You are near the peak of the bell curve.

This is what you think :wink:
You can’t know people better than themselves
Anyway there is no problem with the title
This is an art not medicine

Not for google analytics it isn’t. It is a web page with title everyone is searching for.

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And where is the problem?
People are not stupid and they can distinguish.

People ARE stupid, at least 80% of them.

You really think like that !

I believe every smart person can see that, just not a lot are forthright like me.

Just look around, how people ignore instructions regarding the coronavirus. Think how this virus could have been contained in China without being brought to Europe. Think about how people continue to Hamsterkauf instead of buying just enough and allowing other people to buy as well. Panic-buy leads to starvation. Look at Black Friday!

Oh yes, I do believe 80+ percent of the people are stupid!

This thinking is more dangerous than corona

Many elderly will die hundreds of thousands, because of the idiots that don’t know what it is to be disciplined

Of course, and of this idiots who think people are idiots

lol, ok then I hope you come to your senses.

After you :smile:

Yes, I’m already there. Coming after me is the right path :rofl:

Not always, The arrogant driver crashes into a wall speciallly if he is stupid

What wall, the wall of idiots that judge me? Sure! Many scientists or otherwise different thinkers were killed by the church because they rejected existence of a supposed supernatural being.

The mere institution called Religion (any religion) is stupid in modern days. Internet, mass media and misinformation has replaced the role of the religion.

e.g. Artificial Intelligence was rejected as pointless in the past, now see what happens when non-idiots decided to give it a chance.

Intelligence follows a normal distribution, which means that the normal thing is to have a normal intelligence, and there are many smart people, many stupid people and very few geniuses and very few really stupid people. But knowledge does not follow this distribution in my opinion, it follows a negative skewed distribution. I personally believe that knowledge is more valuable than intelligence, and if you add both up in daily practice, I also believe that there are many more people who are not prepared to live with solvency. Human intelligence has not evolved to seek truth or rationality, but to survive in the most comfortable way (for an emotional brain).

At this point, google doesn’t work by keywords, it works by concepts in a knowledge graph. It is smart enough to know in what context each word matters and how it relates to other words. I’d bet a beer you’d get bored before finding this thread by putting that title in, because its algorithm understands that you’re looking for health or pandemic related information, not rendering. Even if you do a very strong SEO, you have little chance, google is not going to find this interesting as an answer for this topic.

Don’t forget the fee google takes to boost some websites up the list.
Also IP, region, what is searched most often in your region, or from the group of the same psycho-socio-demographic profile google has created for you.

But the number of hits parameter still counts.

Hmm, I haven’t used google for a while and now decided to search for the title while in “incognito mode”. The first few hundred hits are all news websites. Even if someone does invent something revolutionary, it won’t be known unless he goes one of the paying customers of google.
I wonder if time passes and people mislead by the title start clicking on this page if something will change.