Copying floors up


I have created a typical floor and would like to copy it up. I used [move] and [series] components but for some reasons only some rooms are being copied up instead of all. Could you please advise where I may have made a mistake.

copy floors (17.2 KB)



It’s a matter of data matching.
You have 15 rooms, so you’ll need 15 or just 1 transform vector.

Thanks @HS_Kim. The reason I used [series] component is to be able to copy the floors up more then once. I started learning about data matching but still a bit of novice in that area. How would I accomplish it with my example?



The move component expects a geometry and a vector. If you feed N geometries but 3 vectors, gh will do the move translation with the first geometry and the first vector, the second geometry with the second vector… and the rest of geometries will be moved with the last (the third) vector. So, if you want to move all with the same vector, use a single vector; if you want to move each extrusion with its own vector, you must feed it with N vectors.

Or as @HS_Kim suggest, you can send each geometry or each vector in their own branch, to use each of your three vectors with all the extrusions, so the component returns a tree with three branches and N items. But, maybe for furthers operations you prefer to have N branches with 3 items, in that case you must graft the input geometry rather than the input vector.

Or just graft your vector…
Or use Group.


Thank you!!

Thanks @Dani_Abalde for your explanation, I am slowly wrapping my head around the lists, trees and data matching. I realize it is the core of many grasshopper components.