Copy hole from one object to another?

Working in manufacturing, I often have a need to copy a hole from one object to another. The movehole command won’t do this. I usually resort to making a dummy block on the 1st object that covers the hole and performing a boolean operation to get a slug I can then move to the 2nd object to perform a boolean difference.

Is there an easier way to do this? This seems like more steps than should be necessary?

Are these straight bore holes? In that case I might duplicate the border of the hole (or use sub-object selection to select the hole border), then move/copy that where you want it and use _MakeHole to create the hole in the new piece…

If it is not a straight bore, but the new part has the same thickness as the original. you could also use _ExtractSrf/Copy or sub-select all the hole inside surfaces, then move the copy where you want and trim the new block with it, then join all.


Usually they are not simple holes I am trying to copy.

I tried your ExtractSrf method and that seemed a little easier than my previous method. Thanks for the help.

Any chance holes can be copied from one object to another in Rhino 6?

Hi beerzerlm - no, no chance of that I’m afraid.