Movehole fails


Hi, I am trying to copy a window using the movehole command and I keep getting “Boolean operation for hole making failed. Nothing done.” Any thoughts on why I get this error message?

Thanks Kevin

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Hi Kevin - please post the object and indicate the start and end points of the move.




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Right… I understand the concept; I need the geometry - the object in a Rhino file - to be able to help.



house.3dm (5.3 MB)

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Hi Kevin - thanks, I see MoveHole fails - you can, however Ctrl-Shift window select the window within the wall and Move or Gumball directly. I’ll see about the bug in the meantime.




I did the Ctrl-shift window select (top left to bottom right), copy object in place, then gumball to move it to the right. It moved the entire window with mullions and panes, but the original window only kept the outer frame and trim.

When I Ctrl-shift window select, everything is highlighted. Why does only part of it get copied?


I just looked at the reverse side of the wall and the panes and mullions are still there. Seems when I copied and moved it, everything behind the cplane of the wall is hidden.

(the window on the left is the copy, the one on the right is the original)

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Hi Kevin - Moving should work with my work-around, copying… not so much. In this case the simplest is probabaly

  1. ExtractSrf > Copy=Yes
  2. Join the results
  3. Move to where you like.
  4. DupBorder
  5. Trim the wall with the border curve.
  6. Join it all back.



Thank you, it took a couple of tries but it worked. Any idea why the movehole does not work in this instance, but works on the “A simple building” tutorial on the rhino web page?

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Hi Kevin - it looks like a bug to me - I added a bug to our system - linked in a post above.