Coordinate system doesn't match Cplane setting

I’ve created custom Cplane and I’m working in the front view of that CPlane. Numerical controls for a command seem to be following the world view - they’re not following the new cplane.

e.g. move>selectObject>RMBreferencePoint>3">enter> doesn’t constrain distance for move to 3’’ on this plane, it appears to be using the top view of the world coordinates

Sorry, I do not understand quite - by Front, I think you mean the plan view of that plane, correct? what is RMBReferencePoint? Normally you set a point to move from, a left click or numeric entry of a point location. Assuming that is what you have, typing in 3" and Enter should indeed constrain movement to a 3" sphere; that movement should also be constrained to the current CPlane (circle) if no OSnaps etc. are involved…


Thanks Pascal. I meant LMB… (Left Mouse Button) but I think I’ve learned that I need to create all directional views with the axes oriented with y being vertical in each case to be able to draw in those views. I seems to be automatic in the case of the world coordinate system.