ConvertToSingleSpans vs. ConvertToBeziers


  • Works only on surfaces
  • Offers a choice of splitting in U, V, or both directions
  • Reports if only single span surfaces are input, and when that occurs, doesn’t modify the document, adding to the undo record


  • Works on both curves and surfaces
  • Splits at all internal knots / Doesn’t offer a choice of split direction (for surfaces)
  • Doesn’t report if only single span curves/surfaces are input and modifies the document regardless

Maybe the best of both of these commands should be consolidated into one, keeping both command names (calling the same command) for ease of finding them.

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I agree. In my opinion dozens of similar commands should be merged:

Imagine that we have two identical multi-span surfaces. We break one surface with ConvertToBeziers command and the other surface with ConvertToSingleSpans command. Will the single-span surfaces be the same?

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Try it.
Make a surface, copy in place.
Run one command on one of the copies and the other command on the other copy.
Run SelDup. Do they select?

In a quick test here, ConvertToBeziers made 8 surfaces from a multi-span test surface. ConvertToSingleSpan with direction “Both” did the same. All eight selected with SelDup afterward.

ConvertToSingleSpan has the additional Direction argument - that appears to be the difference.

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