Tweedledum and Tweedledee commands

Many commands should be merged. For example…

Rhino 6 introduced Parabola3Pt command. This is a misnomer because the older Parabola command also uses 3 points. In my opinion, the Parabola3Pt command should be merged with the older Parabola command.

DevLoft should be an option of EdgeSrf.

OffsetMultiple should be an option of Offset.

ShowDir should be merged with Dir.

SetMaximizedViewport should be merged with MaxViewport and renamed MaximizeViewport.

Nobody needs Unisolate command because Show command does almost the same thing.

Nobody needs PlaceHole command because MakeHole command does the same thing and it has more options.

Nobody needs Splop command because OrientOnSrf command does the same thing and it has more options.

Nobody needs Helix command. The Helix command is superfluous because Spiral command does everything (and more) than the Helix command.

Rebuild and RebuildUV should be merged into single command.

FitCrv and Fair should be merged with Smooth.

RotateCamera should be merged with TiltView.

Few people can memorize differences between FlattenSrf, Smash, Squish, SquishBack, SquishInfo, UnrollSrf, UnrollSrfUV, ApplyCrv, CreateUVCrv, FlowAlongSrf, Splop, OrientOnSrf, ProjectToCPlane, and Project. These commands should be merged into just two commands: one command projects objects on the construction plane, while the other command projects objects on a 3D surface.

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Um, no. If anything it should be part of the Loft command. EdgeSrf is used when a closed curve that defines a surface boundary is available, Loft nor DevLoft require a closed curve. But otherwise I like DevLoft being separate, if only it was history aware.

Again, no. These commands all do very different things. For example, Smash, Squish and UnrollSrf are very different commands with very different purposes where confusing them could lead to very bad real world problems.

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Good news: Rhino 6 merged Blend and BlendCrv into BlendCrv.

There is little difference between Distribute and ScalePositions.

Extend should be merged with ExtendDynamic.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” - Leonardo da Vinci

“Simplicity is the key to brilliance.” - Bruce Lee

“In character, in manners, in style, in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity.” - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

“Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.” - Albert Einstein

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AddGuide and RemoveGuide should be merged into single command:

MergeFace should be merged with (Rhino 7) MergeFaces.

Good news from Rhino 7: ToNURBS command replaces: The ConvertExtrusion and MeshToNURB commands. source:

More good news from Rhino 7: DeleteMeshFaces is replaced by DeleteFaces.

I generally agree that there are many commands that could be combined but:

This is not a good one, because when you isolate objects while there are objects hidden, Unisolate will only show the objects that were visible before the Isolate, whereas Show will show everything.


Reflect should be merged with Symmetry.

Should it even be an option or should it just happen on it’s own if your input is more than one curve?

2nd this. I use unisolate all the time, it’s not the same as _show at all.

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All selection commands should be merged into one Sel command/control with many options. For example, to select circles, you would type Sel C Enter. (C = circle = command option)

There is no difference between Diameter and Radius. Both commands display numerical diameter and numerical radius.

DigBeep, DigCalibrate, DigCamera, DigClick, DigDisconnect, Digitize, DigLine, DigPause, DigScale, DigSection, and DigSketch should be merged into single command with many options.

No… There are over 100 Sel… commands currently, not including the ones that need to be added - a command with 100 options is completely unwieldy - and not even sure it would work, as each option needs to have a single letter equivalent and there are currently only 26 letters in the alphabet…

Here is the list of Sel commands that start with “C” (not including ‘Circle’ which is not native) - there are currently 18:


How do you attribute command line letter options to all those?

The other advantage of having separate commands is that they autocomplete when typing.

While I agree that in some cases combining commands might be good (depending on the commands), this is not one of them.


In Rhino 7 there are 105 commands beginning with letters “sel”. I agree that displaying at the same time 105 options in the command prompt window is impracticable, but these options may be divided into several groups: points, curves, surfaces, dimensions, etc. For example, you would type Sel D Enter Enter, or Sel D A Enter to select all dimensions. (D = dimensions, A = all)

If you type “sel” in the command prompt window, you will get the list of all 105 commands. This list confuses newbies. There is a toolbar called Select, but its icons look cryptic - text would be more informative.

Selection control window filled with text buttons and divided into several groups (points, curves, surfaces, dimensions, etc.) seems to be the fastest method of finding the selection commands quickly.

There is another solution: merging the 105 selection commands into several selection commands which select points, curves, surfaces, dimensions, etc.

Yes, however personally I am not very fond of nested command line options - which can be up to 3-4 levels deep. _-Options is a good example. It’s also difficult to navigate that way, especially if you don’t know what exactly what the option you are looking for is called.


UpdatePlugins, MigratePlugins, PackageManager, and PlugInManager should be merged into single command with many options.

Crease should be merged with UnweldEdge. RemoveCrease should be merged with WeldEdge.