Converting inch Rhino model to metric Rhino model

I have 3d printer slicing software that requires a stl file that is generated from a metric rhino file. If I save an inch model as an stl the stl file is drastically reduced in size when loaded into the slicing software. If I design in metric units everything works fine. I have Rhino set up in inch units. I design in inch units. How can I convert an inch model to a metric model to save as an stl. I prefer to design in inch units. Any insight in how to make this conversion would be appreciated.


Just scale it by 25.4 before exporting to convert to mm

Jim, thanks ! will try it !

Save the file under a different name. Then change the units of the new file to mm.
Options > Document Properties > Units > Model units
Select mm
Yes to “Scale Model by 25.4”.
Export the new file.