How to change STL export units?

Most 3D printing software/slicers default to using mm for the STL units.
If your building a thing in units other than mm then you have to switch to mm before exporting an STL and switch back.

Is there any way to have RHINO export an STL in units other than the current model units?


No, not automatically in native Rhino, you have to scale the model in the ratio of file units to mm, export and then undo the scaling. This can be scripted rather easily though.

Except every time you scale you loose precision…
So save scale export reload, but then you loose the undo history…

No, you can just undo, and have the script do that…or work with a copy like Mitch’s script.

Have a go with this one… Uses the previous or default .stl export settings. Scales copies of selected objects in any file units to MM, exports the copies and then deletes the copies. Originals are untouched. (883 Bytes)

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