Convert Volume to Cubic Yards

How do we convert the Volume to cubic yards?

Convert mm to cu (11.1 KB)


If your volume units are in cubic feet :question: then divide by 27 cubic feet per yard (3 * 3 * 3).

Oh wait, I see from the name of your GH file that you want to convert cubic millimeters to cubic yards?

Google search:

1 mm^3 = 1.3079506193144E-9 yd^3
1 yd^3 = 764554857.984 mm^3

Example: convert 15 mm^3 to yd^3:
15 mm^3 = 15 × 1.3079506193144E-9 yd^3 = 1.9619259289716E-8 yd^3

So like this?

Convert mm to cu yrds_2023Aug25a
Convert mm to cu (13.3 KB)

Advice: avoid passing component outputs through text panels.

@Joseph_Oster Thank you