Convert rows to columns

I am sure this is a simple one for most of you :slight_smile: but I am not able to find my way.
So I have a group of points generated from some shape, and now the numbering (grouping) of this list is horizontal as you can see in attached image, what I need is to have them grouped vertically (required result in yellow numbers), how do you do that?
Thank you!

The Flip Matrix Component is what you are looking for.

Hi @Japhy , thanks. I tried it but the output doesn’t seem to be list of points, am I missing something?

It should. Upload your definition, can’t help otherwise.

If you input a tree of point lists to Flip Matrix it will output a tree of point lists: (7.8 KB)

Note that I have right-clicked on the output of the Flip Matrix component and selected Reverse to get the points ordered from top to bottom as in your picture.