Convert Rhino.Geometry.Mesh to Karamba.Geometry.IMesh


I’m scripting in Ironpython using Karamba. I have a Rhino.Geometry.Mesh that I need to convert to a Karamba.Geometry.IMesh in order to call Karamba.Loads.MeshUnitLoad(). Karamba.GHopper.Geometry.MeshExtensions.Convert() only returns a Karamba.Geometry.Mesh3. Does anybody know how to do that? I’m using karambaCommon and karamba

Thank you very much!


Hello @Ano,
Mesh3 implements the interface IMesh. So it should be possible to pass a Mesh3 to a function which expects an IMesh.
Did you import the namespace Karamba.Geometry?
– Clemens

Hello Clemens

I had both Rhino 6 and 7 installed, and I only updated the R6 Karamba. Although I was running the program via R6 I got the error. After also updating R7 it seemed to work fine. Not sure if this was the issue.