Convert Mesh to Surface in Grasshopper for LunchBox


I am trying to covert a mesh in Grasshopper to a surface so I can apply panels from the LunchBox plugin. The shape is relatively complicated and non-orientable, so every attempt I have tried to fix it (along with Internet forum searching) has not quite worked. Any suggestions for a fix? Thank you in advance!

Blog (11.4 KB)

Many geometries can not be a single surface. Typical rule is, if your mesh verts don’t make a grid, then it cant be a single surface. Anyway, no file so nothing really more to say :smiley:

I would try building the form from scratch using curves and surfaces… it does not seem to be very complicated… converting mesh to surface is usually not a good idea.

Thanks for the prompt response, Michael! File now attached for reference if that is of any help :slight_smile:

Thanks for the prompt response, Arash! Unfortunately given the very complexity of the shape, the prospect of attempting to make it using curves and surfaces was considered - but I don’t believe it would work.

File now attached for reference, so if looking at that makes you think of any fix, that would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile: