I’ve tried to make some operations (List Set) on Revit output elements and as result I’ve got output like “Id number” (not element).

I would like to find element with this Id number but grasshopper returns with communication: “no element?”

Therefore I would like to set parameters to this element but the input element does not recognize Id number.

Only I’ve managed to find the element when I’ve manually pasted Id number to Manage Element Collection in Element ID Component but it’s not the solution which I would like to find.

Convert IFCGuid to (13.7 KB)

Thank you in advance for any help.


The IfcGUID use to have a format like this.

So something like this should allow you to select the Revit Element that has the IfcGUID you are looking for. (18.0 KB)

Thank you for your answer.

I ‘ve wrongly named parameter (it’s not IFCGUID ) which I wanted to exchange to get element. To compare the format of number it could be Tag or ID but I couldn’t find this parameters in KeyParameters component.

Convert IFCGuid to (21.8 KB)

Sorry I didn’t understand you.
This parameter is called “ID_PARAM”.

Where could I find ID parameters in the KeyParameters Component to construct the filter and finally get elements?

If you are using the Create Set to cull duplicate elements, you can do this aswell.
The problem here is the Create Set traits Revit elements as integers.
I do need to look more in detail to know if we can fixed thia.

This is not exposed througt any contextual menu.
Thanks for reporting this, we will fix that.


I will be very grateful for any information when the problem with missing elements in List Set component will be fixed? It looks like it hasn’t be fixed yet or maybe I’m doing something wrong? Thank you in advance for answer.

We just releases a new version of Rhino.Inside that has a component called ‘Query Element’, it queries an element by its Id.

The Filter by “Id” parameter shoud work aswell.

Now you can also use ‘Create Set’ and the other Set compoents with Revit Elements.

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Great.Thank you. List Set , which is now the most important for me works perfect. I’ve also tested Filter by ID parameter and it works but Query Element component doesn’t work.

Currently it needs you convert the text you have in the panel to an integer.
But I fixed this, if you update the conversion will be done internally.

Thank you.