Convert closed curve to surface

Hi everyone!

I am trying to write python script which convert closed curve to surface.
Can someone tell me how I can write those script using rhinoscriptsyntax?

Thank you!

That depends - is it planar? Then you could use rs.AddPlanarSrf([curve]). If not, there is no definitive method for producing a surface from an arbitrary closed non-planar curve, it will depend on the curve geometry.

Patch might be one way to go about this, AddPatch() is not yet implemented in Python/Rhinoscriptsyntax, so again, either script rs.Command("_-Patch…) - with all the command line options as to point count, stiffness etc. - or dive into RhinoCommon and use the Rhino.Geometry.Brep.CreatePatch() method…

HTH, --Mitch


Just looking into this. Having an issue to close and “heal” open meshes for boolean operations. Thanks for your comment!


rs.AddPatch() is also now available in Rhino V6…

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