Controlling springs in Kangaroo

Hi all!
I wanted to know if there is a way to control each spring in kangaroo?
I have this structure, and i want to change the height of each space.
As you can see there is 3 main spaces. seperated by low passages. If I increase the strength level, all the 3 spaces and the passages gets lower. the space on the right is much too high for me.
Is it possible to change each spring height seperately?
Thank you!
Weizman (42.2 KB)

The 3dm file with the curve

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You have 3 peaks of a mountain, so if you group the edges according to the peaks, you could assign different strengths and lengths per 3 edge groups.

קוד וויצמן מולטיהול (20.3 KB)

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thank you so much!