Control Points To Front - SubD Support

The test command for control points in front is great, and for me a standard requirement.

Could it support just the control points of subds being shown in front when it is ran? Presumabl this is not by design and just a kind of defaulted behaviour.



So it kind of makes a shaded/wireframe hybrid when subd points are on for an object.

Hello- I am not sure what the future of this is, but to get started
RH-66880 Display: promote testToggleControlPointsToFront


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Thanks Pascal! To expand upon it slightly more, I would say perhaps keep the dotted wire above everything (which is in keeping with the surface behaviour) and then yes just relegate those solid wires.

Has a request ever been made for control points to be ‘top priority’ for selections? So in my above case, I would need to just keep using Alt to deaden the selection. Just a thought, could be something that breaks a tonne of stuff though I guess. >>> Ignore that! That’s what selection filters are for! Duh.