Control points in surface wont work correctly

Hey there.
For some reason, the control points of surfaces won’t show up correctly. They display as if they are in a cage. Only the outer control points show up and I can’t edit the surface as I would normally do.
I have tried to fix this in:

  1. The settings
  2. Display options and view
  3. Display options and OpenGL
  4. Cage

Nothing semes to work short of uninstalling and installing rhino again…
Does anyone have a guess as to what it might be?

That’s simply how NURBS surfaces work. The underlaying surface is always rectangular and turning on points doesn’t turn on points of trimming curves.

So what kind of surface should I be using? Why do I remember having the option to move surfaces using control points that follow the outline of the surface?

Should be like this:

Edit points are available for curves and sub-d surfaces, but not for regular NURBS surfaces. Edit points lie on curves and sub-d surfaces and can be used to edit those objects.

Thanks. I realized that lofting will create a surface that I can edit in the same way.