Control point symmetry

Hello, I just wondered is there a way to make a single surface totally symmetrical whose mirror plane is defined by a line or a plane surface, so that when I select a bunch of control points on one side of the surface, the control points on the other side of the mirror plane will take the same (but mirrored) values for their position? I’m aware of the “Symmetry” tool, but it only works on a half model that’s mirrored along the mirror plane, making it impossible to have a single surface with symmetrical control points (unless “Merge surface” is used, which complicates or alters the original shape tiny bit).

In the example below, I selected the control points in the right side and the goal here is to have the corresponding control points on the lefts side following the same position, but mirrored along the mirror plane that is defined by the while line. Note that if only the selected control points must affect their corresponding control points on the opposite side, i.e. not the whole opposite side of the surface.

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I can see no easy way to do it… Yet I could help with this particular surface if you like

This is just a random surface I made as an example in order to better visualize my idea. The slow way to do it by making a mirror copy of the control points and snap the opposite end control points to the former. But it takes ages to do so with surfaces that have plenty of control points.

True… I almost sure that Grasshopper solves such a giggles as one plus one… Not into that thing unfortunately : ( But the VSR symmetry tool do it in one click.

I only have Rhino 6 evaluation for now. I’m curious if there is a way to do this symmetry of control points natively in Rhino, with no paid plugins…

Unfortunately AD killed it years ago along with the T-Splines and nothing similar we have so far. I advice to ask in Grasshopper section, all the way someone have had that task solved. Good luck!

Yeah, Autodesk are interested in making their own CAD programs more feature-packed to boost their sales. It’s something to be expected, though.

Hi Bobi - V7/WIP Subd has Reflect but there is nothing for surfaces.


VSR does this, only if the surface is split and mirrored along the symmetry axis though.

Wrong : ) Try ADSymmetry instead of ADAlignSymmetryPlane

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Man, I tell you, I use AD shapemodeling for a couple of years now practically on a daily basis and I somehow managed to completely ignore the ADSymmetry command.
Doh, never bothered to right-click that icon…
Thanks so much I learned something new today.
And something very useful too! :+1:

Prefer to call is VSR : ) Thing’s full of many hidden secrets. Pure gem, yet forbidden… :expressionless: