Control of Minimal Surfaces Using Kaleidoscopic Cells and Mesh Relaxation

Hello all,

As shown in my sketches (sketches of the same geometry seen from two different orientation), I have been trying to model a solid volume enclosed by a minial surface with a set of boundaries and a bounding box.

I previously tried using millipede with the function defining gyroid
Yet this didn’t give me much freedom on controlling the geometry apart from splitting the gyroid with different domain boxes.

My latest attempt is to manually model a discretized portion of a gyroid, which is a method I look up from a paper published on discrete form of the Gyroid after visiting an existing post.

The paper about discrete form of the Gyroid.
Discrete Gyroid Surface

There is also another way I have studied about discretizing gyroid.
Evolution of a Gyroid Surface

I have included both ways of discretizations in the rhino file I uploaded. I have referenced to a script posted on applying Kangaroo mesh relaxation and adjusted slightly to get a smoothed gyroid.

With this approach, the closest geometry that I can get is shown in the pictures below.

I would be very grateful if someone could suggest a way that gives me more control over the minimal surface so that I can achieve the geometry shown in my sketch. Thank you.

Here is the rhino file and Gh definition I used to construct the minimal surface.
gyroid_relaxed.3dm (7.5 MB) (60.9 KB)