Control from different parameters which line number to write to excel automatic

Hi all

I am about to make a script for a bachelor thesis that can calculate Gaze-shift (glare calculations). I am testing 5 parameters, 3 (Sky, Date, Hour) overall which gives 48 simulations and for each of the 48 simulations, 2 (Position, Orientation) parameters which give 24 simulations. All this is currently done by a Batch-Run but cannot solve how to get my TT-Toolbox function WriteToExcel to change a number each time the overall parameters are changed.

I want to write a column in excel for each of the 48 compositions, with the 24 results. My own idea was too give every vector which can be caluculated from the 3 parameteres a special number which tells TT-Toolbox which line to write the results in. But havent been able to do this yet.


Hope you have some ideas. (17.2 KB)
it seems you want 48 columns and 24 rows in the spreadsheet
each cell is a result from your computation
the way that a lot of these excel writer components work is that they chomp on DataTrees
so you need create this data structure and feed your parameters into your computation altogether
each tree branch will be a column, each item a cell in that column

fair warning: you are essentially running 48x24=1152 computations all at once