Contour Curves and Colored Interpolation Mesh from Excel Point Data

Hello erveryone,

Firstly, I would like to thank for all the help I received from you.

I have an Excel file with point information, I want to paint a mesh that I created with the information from Excel. I need to generate contour curves similar to the attached image.

Below is the GH file that shows my best attempt. I want the colors to be defined based on interpolating the Excel values for each point. However, I haven’t been able to figure out how to do this.


Prototipo de (3.0 MB)

Looks like you also need an Excel file to run this? It would be far better if you internalized the output of the Excel Reader so people don’t need it at all, the same way you have internalized a mesh (‘Malha da superfície útil interna do túnel’):

Looks like this ‘Number’ param would be a good thing to internalize:

I appreciate your attention and apologize for the delay in response. Attached is the file with the internalized data.

Prototipo de ensaios-forum (3.0 MB)

what you are after is called Mesh Iso Splitting. My Nautilus plugin can do it.

Prototipo de ensaios-forum (3.0 MB)

I would like the available data to be interpolated and the entire surface to be covered by the data. Like the image in the attachment, but using the available data.

What you are asking is not clear for me. For Mesh Iso splitting and others tools, a weights is associated for each vertex of the mesh. So there is a linear interpolation on each mesh face.
So for me when I look at you file all the surface is covered as you provide 96486 numbers.

Like it was said by Joseph

So internalize the data and explain what it is and what algorithm you want to apply to it.

He already did. I was surprised to see only four branches with data for eight points.

OK I see thanks @Joseph_Oster . 8 points and 8 weights. So the question is how to interpolate that. I think there are many way to do it. As you generate the data you must be the good person to know how to interpolate it!
Here a way I do with my tool in Nautilus, if we say weight is a constant temperature at point (and around to a certain distance, 0.1 here), we say that temperature at the border is not fixed. And we calculate temperature on all the mesh using Smooth Weighting.
I change the mesh as there was some problem with it (runaway circulator !!!) .

It will give something like that

Prototipo de ensaios-forum (313.4 KB)

You can apply that to your initial cleaned mesh but it will not converge very fast.

Hi everyone

Firstly, I would like to thank for all the help.

Our doubt is if there is a way to plot contour curves in the surface using information of those 8 points from the .xls document. The objetive is to plot something equal to the first image showed by Lucas.
The file GH that Lucas sent is ours best attempt, but it doesn’t worked as we expected, this solution paint each point independently and don’t create the contourn curves as the first image.