Continously look for changes to Rhino points with GHPython

I’ve written a script that adds a few points to the rhino active document, and the uses rs.coerce3dpoint to set the points in the gh.doc. At the moment the script runs from start to end once, adds the points first to rhino and then to the gh.doc.

I would however like this script to run a continuous loop looking for changes in the points in the rhino document, and if a change is found, replace the old list of points in the gh.doc with an updated one, making it possible to me to move them manually in the rhino viewport.

I guess this wouldn’t be a problem if the points were fed to the component as a general input, but that is however not an option as the number and base location of the points are calculated from on data contained within the component.

Is there a timer or clock function or similar that I call? …Maybe in junction with a while loop?

Best way is to use [Timer] and sticky:

Also [Geometry Pipeline] is perhaps good, too, or better.

I agree with @MarcusStrube’s answer :slight_smile: