Construction of planer mesh(or curve network) of hyperbolic lines inscribed in a rectangle



Hello Guys!

In your article about square grids, we are talking about creating a planar grid. I tried to manually build the grid as you have in the article.

Can you please tell me in what way in the rhinoceros/evolute it’s possible to build a mesh (or curve network) in the figure. The forming lines of the mesh (or curve network) (mesh is planer) are hyperbolas.

Or something very similar to this mesh (or curve network)?

(Alexander Schiftner) #2

One way to create such a mesh is to use EvoluteTools T.MAP. You would need to start from the curved (inflated) reference surface, and choose to align the re-meshing with principal curvature directions.


Thank you very much for the answer. I purchased your program T MAP. Alexander, please, please tell us how to build such a grid, especially how to use the starting topolgy of the mesh? I also have your Evolute Pro

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Please start by using T.MAP to create a quad mesh which uses principal curvature directions for alignment. Have you tried to do this? How does the result look like?


rec mesh.3dm (52.5 KB)

I make the mesh on a flat surface. The curvature is constant. or as it is necessary for another to do this? I attach a file and pictures with the settings of t map

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If you want to generate such a pattern on a flat input mesh/surface, I suggest you try to work with several curves that you draw in the vicinity of the input mesh/surface. Supply those curves as input for alignment to T.MAP.