A list in an "Irregular" Rectangular Rec Grid


I need some help, I have a list of numbers which are dispatched in a Table with the component “Rectangular Grid” and I simply would like (if it’s possible) to modify the visual aspect of the table ( and keep the organisation of my definition with the component “Rec Grid”). You can see what I’m looking for in my following drawing…

here is the actual definition and the rhino which come with…
permutations-7.gh (48.6 KB)

Thank you in advance

I corrected my post…I never wanted to appropriate someone else’s work… be a little bit comprehensive we don’t all have the same level of expression in english for this particular stuff…

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an idea? ^^

Irregular_Isotrim_re.gh (10.9 KB)

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thank you very much for this approach :slight_smile: