Construct random nurbs for radius curves of a biarc

Hey grasshopper community!

I have been experimenting a little with the biarc and wondering how I could construct a set of random nurbs in gh that would act as the ‘radius curves’ for a biarc. So I basically need two nurbs curves that would let’s say have increasing values on the z axis (0, 2, 5,8,12, 15) and values which are first decreasing and then increasing on the x axis (0, -2, -4, -5, -4, 3, 5) so that this results in a concave/convex asymetrical curve. I want to be able to generate a process in which I can randomly construct a number of these sets of curves (a series). Important: I don’t want to use Rhino drawn points, guess that was self-explanatory. :smiley:

Trying to find the most simple way to do this (or explain for that matter lol)! Thank you

PS: the screenshot is just descriptional and not a reference for the axes I nominated (in my case this biarc would be vertical instead).