Construct Domain^2 in Python

Hello, my Friends,

I have a bit of a problem here and I hope you could help me. I have two sets of arrays showing domains and I want to put them together in a way Isotrim Component could read it. basically I want to code Construct Domain^2 Component.


from Grasshopper.Kernel.Types import UVInterval
a = UVInterval(x,y) (11.3 KB)

Thanks, It was a quick reply:)

Another question:
So I have my domains generated in GHPython and they are only numbers, my question is how I could I write them as a list; same thing you did here.

Thanks again Mahdiyar

So here is my answer I thought the community might be interested to know:
You can turn your number to domains/intervals by using this code and then as Mahdiyar pointed out with UVInterval constructor you can create grasshopper intervals.

#the main code

import Rhino as R
from Grasshopper.Kernel.Types import UVInterval
a = 14.5
b = 15.7
c = 2.5
d = 4.5
Udomain = R.Geometry.Interval(a,b)
Vdomain = R.Geometry.Interval(c,d)
UV = UVInterval(Udomain, Vdomain)

Something like this.