Isotrim issue

why the V domain doesn’t work?
And why the UV is inverted?

Isotrim (5.5 KB)

You need to first check the domain of your surface in each direction and then use a valid number included in that domain. You can also reparametrize your surface to always have an interval between 0 to 1:

Domain².gh (7.1 KB)

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Hi Mahdiyar!
Thank you for your reply.
Why the domain is not U (0 to 800) e V (0 to 300), (that it’s how I’ve created the surface…)?? Do you know a way to set the domain to these numbers?

you can use CurveDomain like this: (9.1 KB)

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Wow! Exactly what I needed…thanks a lot!

And do you know why the UV is inverted (I mean…to me…because the U is like x and V like y in my mind…but I understand that maybe is a non-sense talking about UV…) ? anyway, is possible to invert the resulting uv map?

You can use SwapSurfaceDirections from Pufferfish or ReverseSurfaceDirection from Lunchbox.

I don’t like to use Grasshopper’s Plugins…could I do this with Python?

a = srf (7.6 KB)

Thank you, Mahdiyar!