Make a scale Rectangle with Area limitation

Dear my friends!

01.|690x297 (3.3 KB)

as you see we have a rectangle with area=200 and now I want to scale it without changing of area.
for instance, I want to make another multiple shape (Rectangle or square ) with the limit area = 200
the center area is the corner of the rectangle.

like this :slight_smile:

All of the rectangles have same area.

See here: How to scale a surface to a certain wanted surface area?

There is native grasshopper components versions posted as well as Pufferfish Scale To Area component version. Also, if it is a rectangle you can just make it that way to start instead of scaling with Pufferfish’s Constrained Area Rectangle component.

I think It is not my answer!
please look at picture that i have attached.

It is the answer, the issue is that you didn’t open any files or look at the post :smiley: Set the plane Pl input to that corner.

I want to convert Black rectangle to another rectangle with the same area (200)
like the red and yellow and green one

And that is exactly what I posted to you, did you even look at it?

Here is the Pf version: (10.9 KB)

but i think I should start to learn Pufferfish.

Here is a native way. (12.0 KB)

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Thank you so much!