Consistent Voronoi Structure

Hey Guys,
I am wondering how to rebuild the bionic structure in the picture below. I already tried several approaches with a 3D voronoi but it didn’t work out. The structure looks entirely consistent and therefore, I’m not sure using a voronoi approach is the right idea…

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Doesn’t look like Voronoi to me either. It’s just a single tile, repeated in a volume and trimmed against a boundary. I can’t really see it very well, but I suspect it’s just a bunch of cubes stacked together and rotated through 45 degrees along two axes. The edges are a little bit bend, so maybe instead of cubes it’s parallelepipeds?

Thank you @DavidRutten for the reply.

Probably these pictures give you a further insight.

2 Minutes after sending this post i discovered this post in the rhino blog. Probably, the add on intralattice could give me a better idea on how to handle it.