Consecutive lines with different heights

Hi Everyone! I want to know how to create x amount of lines that have different length and grow in the x axis, like in the picture. Any ideas? Thank you!

hi Feldsberg,

is this what you mean? (5.0 KB)

You can use sub curve

sub (13.4 KB)

Hi Konrad, thank you for your reply!!
No, what I am trying to build is to create multiple lines that stack on each other, however these lines have variable height, so that one grows from the end point of the one below.

hm maybe so: (4.8 KB)

Do you How to stack each line on top of each other? I think it should be with a vector that moves it along each end point but I don’t know how to do it!


ways are many…you can use a parent line in X direction and split that with different lengths (random in this example):