Connecting meshes/connecting spheres

Hi everyone,

i am working on a grasshopper model and currently stuck at a point. I modeled some spheres and want to connect them but with a certain space between. I also tried the way with metaballs but my created model was way too big (6gb) and I am not sure if this is normal since I have to 3D print it.

Is there maybe a way to connect the spheres without creating them as metaballs?
Or do I have to create them as metaballs? If so, is there a way to adjust each bubble in its radius and position (not seed them automatically) individually? There is also the problem that the pattern of the model is totally distorted at the edges when creating them as metaballs.

I am sorry if there is already a post about that in the forum but i am quite new to all this.

Thank you in advance for any help!