Connecting inter cell vertices of offset polygons

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Seeing that this is my first question I have asked on this forum, please forgive my inexperience.

I am trying to find a way to connect an inter cell offset polygon (in this case hexagons) that have been offset using an attractor curve.
Due to the fact that they vary in size the center of the original intersections moves based on the amount of offset.
I am trying to define this new center and the only way I can think of is by connecting the adjacent vertices by means of a closed polyline (triangle in this case see attached image) and then take the polygon center as a reference point.
How can I create this inter cell polyline?
Is this the correct method?

I hope someone can help me



3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files

HI I am not sure if this uploaded correctly but my grasshopper file should be attached —>

tile pattern (7.9 KB)

GeoRegion by Heteroptera used…

tile pattern (13.8 KB)

1 Like (18.9 KB)

No plugin used.

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Thanks Jakinta and Joseph for your amazing help.
Once I have completed my study I will post the result.
Cheers (11.2 KB)