Data Matching and interpolate


I hope you can help, I am working with hex cells and I have moved the cells along the surface normals, now I am trying to match points from the moved points and would like to connect them in U shapes, to get a crown-like form as shown in black in the sketch, any help would be much appreciated I can’t seem to get the data to match as I would like to! Capture001|690x487 (22.0 KB)

This image may be more clear apologies (17.4 KB)

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This is fantastic! Reduce polyline a very useful tool, thank you :slight_smile: :grinning:

Hi Again I have been working on this script since yesterday, I realised it doesn’t seem possible to apply an attractor to this? and maintain the edges touching? A little like shown in the image below, I thought ide apply an attractor on a planar panel then try reapply this to the necessary form? Thanks for your help

crowngh.3dm (787.6 KB) (45.6 KB)