Connecting Galapogos and Graph mapper

Hi, I was wondering if there was a way I could connect Galapogos with the Graph mapper so that I could get my optimization solution. I could connect the Galapogos to the sliders in the domain but that would make the exercise pointless as it could easily adjust it to the least/highest values right away.

I want to be able to use Galapogos to play around with the curve of the mapper and see how the optimized curve looks like.

There’s no way to do that, you need to write the functions yourself. Shouldn’t be too hard with a high school maths text book - which functions would you like to use from the graph mapper?

Say I’d like to do it for the curve y=x^2 how can I go about with it?

Have you ever posted any of your own Grasshopper code to this forum? It is highly recommended.

3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files

You can write a quadratic equation in the form: y=ax²+bx+c.

a, b and c are the parameters that you can ‘optimise’. In this example I’ve just used surface area from lofting through some curves (there are many different solutions, just using as an example). (10.8 KB)



Thank you so much. This would be quite useful.

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Hey Joseph, I did take your word last time and did upload the necessary files. I’m not quite sure if you have seen it or not in that case.

With respect to this query, I didn’t find the need to do so. To begin with, I was planning on playing with different curves and didn’t have any particular one in mind. As I am new to Grasshopper, I did not know how to go about the process once I did have a curve to play with. And John here, was really helpful in letting me know the necessary components/process to go about it!

I haven’t counted but if you start one more thread without posting some functional Grasshopper code (not just a Rhino file), it will be the last straw for me.

I honestly don’t understand how that might have been helpful in this case. I’m sorry :pray:t4: probably it’s just me missing out on something.

Anyway, since you have been here way longer than I have, I’m assuming you would have a very valid reason for asking me to upload the same. From the next thread onwards, I’ll make it a point to upload the necessary grasshopper and rhino files.