How to connect graphmapper as genome for Galapagos

Hello everyone,

I’m currently struggling with a project analysis that involves GraphMapper and Galapogos. I’m hoping that some of you might have experience with this software and can provide helpful guidance or advice.

So, thus far, I’ve managed to use GraphMapper to create a visual representation of the design. However, now I want to connect this GraphMapper as a “genome” for the Galapagos optimization tool. This is a crucial step in my project, but I’m not sure how to go about it.

I believe that by connecting GraphMapper as a genome, I’ll be able to run design optimization to achieve better results. But I’m in need of assistance in understanding how to do this. Has anyone faced a similar situation or has knowledge of how to accomplish this? Any help, guidance, or references you can provide would be greatly appreciated.Thankyou so much!!

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I think you must use heteroptera plugin and use graphmapper control Component in this plugin

Hii, thank you for the reference :smile:, I’ve downloaded the plugin, do you mind explaining to me how to use it? I tried to put slide to the component, but it doesn’t change the graph :frowning:

in this example you can input Manual Curve for graphMapper and change it by Gene Pool
graph (13.7 KB)

Thankyou so much for helping!!