Curved geometry - Math 3D

As in the photo below indicates, I’m trying to create curved deck of a bridge where i can input the minimum and maximum value every 0.5m for the cross-section thickness and the function creates the curved geometry (OR different cross sections). Iam stuck in finding the way to implement it. Can anyone help me?

Here is Rhino and grasshopper files.

Hey @mohamad.jawad,

Yes. :slight_smile:

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You can for instance do it like this:

The curve can be manipulated with the Graph Mapper component and the minimum and maximum deviation is defined by the Min and Max sliders.

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Ooops, forgot to upload the file. Here it is: (8.1 KB)


Actually iI’m searching for a way through expression like ax^3+b, where we can add any function and with input min and max values the curve gets calculated. Any idea how it is done?

Also, is it possible to get the function from grapgh mapper? for me it is important to show the function as a result.

Yes, you could use an Eval (Evaluate) component. You can input expressions into its input F and rename its other inputs to the desired variables.

I don’t think so, no. You can right-click the Graph Mapper component and select an other Graph Type, other than that it just spits out remapped numbers.

Can you show an example how it is done with evaluate component?

Yes, you can do it like this:

Your formula was way off though! You want something akin to y=a * x^{^1/_3} + b, I believe. I’m not a math wiz though, but y = x^{^1/_3} draw this kind of graph:

If you want more than one formula, right-click the Panel component, and set Multiline Data to false. After that you can double-click it and add more expressions; one per line and no empty lines!! (9.1 KB)

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Yes, i got the solution. Thanks for the help!