Connecting a rectangle to a cylinder

Any tips on how I can make a smooth, aesthetically pleasing transition between the cylinder and the rectangular base? Is this a fillet/champfer solution?

In my head it would have the base of truncated pyramid but the top of a truncated cone—is that possible.

Hello - something like the attached file - is that more or less what you are after?

BoxToCylinder.3dm (194.9 KB)


Yes! Would you mind showing/telling me how that is accomplished?

Hello - see the attached file - there are several ways to get there, this makes nice simple surfaces.

BoxToCylinderOne way.3dm (94.0 KB)


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Thanks for sharing the step by step. Step 3 is just beyond my skillset right now with Rhino, but I’m learning fast (thanks to all the help on this message board).

I had a similar issue some time ago - maybe this is also helpful!

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